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12 January 2009

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This is a project management tool, simple but complete.

Features: DeltaProd is a project management tool, manages many activities particularly monitoring of those activities in particular. It supports a wide range of features. The product is specifically tuned for IT projects. The rules and features apply to many other types of projects too. A typical project in the IT sector would involve following features. Monitoring of incoming requests, initial project requests, request for change, request assistance are related to the initial phases of a project. Change requests can happen during the lifetime of a project and managing and controlling these changes can make or break a project sometimes.

In the initial planning phases tracking workload, planning workload, planning of residual workload are very important functions. Monitoring of workload over time, including holidays are essential to make sure the project remains on track. Following up on pending actions, incoming products, pending issues, corrections follow up, monitoring milestones, managing versions, configuration management, deliverables and actual deliveries constitute very important steps during the execution. Monitoring risk management by way of assessment and monitoring of follow up actions are important activities right through the project, starting with the project definition are highly important issues. Maintaining communications issues related to exchanges, workshops, follow up meetings, committees and their activities also are taken care of. Then to back it all up financial monitoring helps with the most important reason for a business. All the data you want monitoring can be viewed on a desktop dashboard.

Overall: The approach is different from the standard project management tools but is based on an interesting paradigm. Task monitoring can best be done on the Gantt chart format. Compatibility with MS Project would have been useful.

Publisher's description

DeltaProd is a project management tool ...
... among many others.
In fact, if you look at all of the project management tools, you realise that they do not all cover the same features.
So, without going into the definition of project management, you must ask yourself what you need to follow up your project, or more precisely what a project management tool should allow you to follow.
The answer to this question depends of course on the nature of the project.
We will concentrate here on the issue of IT projects, which is the main purpose of DeltaProd, but rules described may be applied to most of project management cases.
We can try to list the activities to be followed for an IT project:
- Monitoring incoming requests: initial requests, requests for changes, requests for assistance, ...
- Monitoring the work of the team (tracking workload)
- Monitoring assignments (including holidays)
- Planning of the work of the team (planning of the remaining workload to produce)
- Follow-up pending actions
- Monitoring incoming products
- Monitoring issues
- Monitoring corrections
- Monitoring application frame
- Monitoring material frame
- Monitoring of versions
- Configuration Management
- Monitoring milestones
- Monitoring deliverables
- Monitoring deliveries
- Monitoring exchanges
- Monitoring workshops
- Monitoring follow-up meetings
- Monitoring committees
- Indicators calculation
- Risk Management
- Financial monitoring (costs, billing, ...)
All these elements must be returned in the form of synthetic dashboards.
There are tools to manage almost all of these elements, but none manages all. The idea of DeltaProd is to bring together within a single tool most elements of monitoring.
Version 2.21
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